Orígenes Patagonia is located in the community of Futaleufú, Chile, in the north of Patagonia, specifically in the province of Palena, Los Lagos region.

Futaleufú is a frontier village with a small but growing tourism industry, based on adventure tourism, and is known for its world-class: kayaking, whitewater rafting, sport fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking, etc.

Located 8 km from the Argentine border, Futaleufú is accessible from the city of Puerto Montt through Chaitén, Chile, as well as from Esquel and Bariloche, Argentina.

The city is named after the Futaleufú River, considered one of the greatest rivers for kayaking and whitewater rafting in the world. The name Futaleufú is derived from the indigenous Mapudungún word that means “Rio Grande”.

Travel Options to Futaleufú

Below is a complete list of travel options, with all of the different routes and a map to get to our community.

From the La Paloma Aerodrome in Puerto Montt there are commercial flights in light aircraft to the Chaitén Aerodrome, the duration of the flight is approximately 40 minutes. If you wish to travel directly to Futaleufú, you must hire a charter flight. The following companies service the Puerto Montt – Chaiten route on a daily basis:


+56 (65) 2721360


+56 (65) 2277040

From Puerto Montt there are trips by ferry boat to Chaitén, the duration of the trip is from 9 to 10 Hrs. approx. In addition, from Quellón, located on the Island of Chiloe, there are trips to Chaiten throughout the year, they occur twice a week and last approximately 4 hours. Below is the company that offers these embarkations:

Naviera Austral

Tel: 6004019000
Futaleufú Office: +56974782394

BIMODAL ROUTE: From Puerto Montt one can take the “Bimodal Route”, in a private vehicle or public bus. The route is primarily highway, but is interspersed with 2 or 3 ferry crossings across the fjords. The route passes through the seaside villages of Caleta La Arena, Caleta Puelche, Hornopirén, Leptepu, Fiordo Largo, Caleta Gonzalo to arrive in Chaitén. The trip takes about 10 in total.

*It is recommended to reserve spaces on the various ferry crossings before travelling, especially during the high season. This can be done by directly contacting the companies involved


Chaitén Office: +56652731760/ +56652731762
Puerto Montt Office: +56652294855/ +56652294858
Hornopirén Office: +56652217413/ +56652217414

Kemel Bus

Bus from Puerto Montt to Chaitén via the Bimodal Route
Tel: +56 (65) 2253 530
Daily service price: $20.000 p/p

From Chaitén to Futaleufú the distance is 156 kms and there is a bus company that makes 2 daily trips, (duration 03 hours approx) passing through Villa Santa Lucia, located on the Carretera Austral (Ruta 7). Below is the website of the bus that makes this trip:

Buses Cárdenas

+56 (65) 2721214 

From Esquel, Argentina to the Chilean border (passing through Trevelin) runs a bus from the Jacobsen company that connects with a Futaleufú tourism bus (office located at: Hospedaje los Abuelos) that runs from the border to the village of Futaleufú. During the route is in service on Mondays and Fridays with 2 daily transits. During the summer tourist season an extra trip is usually added, occurring on Wednesdays. Below are the websites of these two bus companies.

Turismo Futaleufú

+56 (65) 2721458
+56 (65) 2721424

Transportes Jacobsen

(02945) 454676
(02945) 15525512